Liceo Morgagni a great university in Rome, Italy has been a great warrior in the fight for the rights of an African child. In partnership with Support Innovations for Peace and Education (SIPE)-  a fully registered and recognized NGO in Kenya, Liceo Morgagni has ensured that 15 bright but poor Kenyan children can access quality education in Kenya. With the slogan "Every child has a right to education and this right cannot be denied", since the year 2017, these great Italians have initiated and hosted crowdfunding initiatives to ensure that these great brains do not go into a waste. Mother Theresa said that if you cannot change the whole world, change one person and if you want to change the whole world, start with one person. We are greatful to these great fighters.

Historically coordinated by the great English professor Fabrizio Fantera and the loving wife-Fausta, this SIPE project has been and will always be in our hearts. This are great warriors who have been brave to walk this journey. It is a journey taken by a few but great warriors.

SIPE is therefore pleased to announce a great event that will be life changing to a Kenyan child. On Thursday, 6th December 2018, we are walking another mile on this journey. Dubbed Morgagni Cult 2018-2019, this occassion will determine the lifes of 15 students and more in the journey of education for all. To be graced by the greatest celebrity in the music arena, Ambrogio Sparagna, this gala targets to raise tangible funds that will be enough for the 2018-2019 education requirements for the great students of Kenya. All children have a right for education and we are expectant of this great day. Welcome to Liceo Morgagni for this great day!!!

All are welcome dear friends and supporters!!!!!! See the poster dubbed a great day at Liceo