In the wake of the serious economic and social ramifications that COVID-19 has had in the global arena, as an NGO, we are particularly shocked by the highest numbers of teenage pregnancies spread allover the country and if this continues then when schools open, we shall no longer have students but young parents with a hopeless society. SIPE is there pleased to collaborate with like minded friends and players in saving our students in the areas of our operations. We are therefore in the process of launching a programme dubbed "Straight talk and Leadership forum" where we shall use social media and controlled face to face mentoring ( According to the guidelines of social distancing and social gatherings) to mentor, educate and inspire our young girls and boys on matters sexuality, entrepreneurship, income generating activities, transformative leadership and accelerated learning during this period they will be at home. Some of the sensitive issues to be tackled are how to avoid hyenas that are preying agianst girls, drug addiction, self supervised academic work, entrepreneurship, Transformative leadership etc coupled with mentorship and counseling programs. We also aim to monitor on the progress of our girls and boys, the challenges they are facing and the remedial measures to be taken including small social economic stimulus packages like sanitary pads, revision materials (Didactic), resource persons, food and other needs. We are greatful to our dear Italian friends Professor Fabrizio, our Queen lady- Fausta, Renato, Italian parents, relatives and wellwishers that this program will come into reality effective this July 2020. We shall be back with more updates.