Support Innovations for Peace and Education - SIPE-NGO had a great day yesterday, Wednesday, 1st September 2021, when we were hosted by the principal Shinamwenyuli Secondary School, Mr. Samuel Ogolla for our school fees cheque issuance ceremony. During this ceremony, new students were ushered in the Educational Sponsorship Project. Cheques, Stationery and hygiene materials were issued to both our new and old students. The students came from Shitsitswi Secondary School, St. Beda's Bukaya Secondary School and Buchifi Secondary School and the host Shinamwenyuli Secondary School.

The occasion was graced by our founder and Executive Director, Andrew Habel Odongo. We are sincerely grateful to Mr. Samuel Ogolla, Principal Shinamwenyuli Secondary School, the teachers, the students and the parents. This school has been a day school that has emerged as a centre of excellence in Kakamega county. Truly thankful to the county community administrator, Nicholas Juma who is also a pioneer of the school, he was a real inspiration. We are sincerely indebted to our Diaspora team under the captainship of our able protagonist Professor Fabrizio and our great mum, Fausta Cotone, the entire donor community in Italy, Norway, Turkey and many more.

We lack words to describe our appreciation towards your sacrifice and selflessness in ensuring that a smile is brought to an African child. Education is a universal right but unfortunately many have been denied this chance. Tordny, Edi, Walter, Paolo Masini, Renato, Liceo Morgagni school, I can't list all of you but you hold a special part of our heart. As Mother Theresa said "If you can't feed a hundred families, you can feed just one".

With SIPE, we don't do great things but we do small things with great love. Everything in the world is moving very first, monuments will not remain, we shall one day be lifeless and we shall not therefore be counted by the monuments or property we owned but how many life we changed. We must be the change we want to see in the world.

Aluta continua!!!! With much love.