S.I.P.E appreciates the central role the youth play in our society. Talent spot is a platform that has been designed towards offering these youth with an opportunity to tap their talents into empowerment. This ensures that the youth engage in meaningful activities rather than engaging in peace threatening activities and criminal ventures. Most a time, youths are used to cause chaos and as voting machines just to be disposed off after elections. Instead of being used constructively, they are used destructively and thus they have been portrayed as guns for hire. Unemployment leading to frustration and idleness contributes to this. As an NGO, we can authoritatively say that this is an intentional mechanism by the political class, make them poor and rule over them. This forms the basis of our efforts. Youths must shun this misuse rule at all costs regardless of their employment and social status. The informal poor urban and rural settings have remained vulnerable because majority do not have constructive employment.

These programs include: