Through this initiative we train volunteers in all areas of peace and dispatch them as ambassadors of peace in society. This is coined as AMBASSADORS OF PEACE PROGRAM. We achieve this through community organized institutes dubbed Community Institutes for Peace Education (CIPEs), they are formed and managed by and for the community. We also organize clean up and environmental conservation exercises that are also geared towards bringing members of the community together to fight a common course. Without a safe environment, there is no peace. Exhibitions and provision of platforms to show case innovative ideas. Sensitization on HIV/AIDS ,Drug abuse, domestic violence, child formation, civic education, early pregnancies, teenage marriages, Economic growth and self empowerment free workshops. Free Mobile peace library services. Free guiding and counseling for the Youths.


We also provide attachment and internship opportunities for college trainees in the area of peace, conflict management, disaster preparedness, social work, community development, Ngo management and other related areas.


Under this initiative we also coach, mentor and nurture TRANSFORMATIVE AND SERVANT LEADERSHIP.  The world is crying for great leaders, where are the leaders? How many youths have buried their dream of being great leaders in the name of followers? How many inborn CEOs have we seen being buried without being realizing their dream? Leadership is a skill that can be provoked in a person then be nurtured to a great servant leader. SIPE has realized that many youths have the inner leadership qualities that are never given the opportunity to sprout out and therefore our main focus is to ensure that the untapped leadership acumen in youths is realized, nurtured and accelerated. We therefore nurture the great leaders.