The world of humanity calls on us to go on our knees and get those disadvantaged to their feet. This is what it means by going to the ground and you must accept to go to your knees and go humble. It doesn't matter how big it is but the small things done in a great way.

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has risen to the occasion to mitigate on the effects of COVID-19 which have ravaged most of the families. We must strive to put a smile to the widows and orphans who are currently going without food and other basic necessities. In collaboration with our courageous Italian friends, students, well wishers and ambassadors we are determined to make it happen. The photos illustrate these great efforts as our Executive director distributes food and other hygienic necessities to the widows and orphans on Saturday, 18th July 2020. We welcome all like minded brave warriors on this journey of humanity. Remember one dollar can make a difference. We should not curse darkness but light a lamp of hope. Aluta continua.