These encompasses short skills/talent and Entrepreneurship incubation and apprenticeship programs

  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Fashion, Hairdressing and beauty
  • Cottage industry manufacturing skill
  • Entrepreneurship Incubation
  • Drama and art for peaceful coexistence
  • Tailoring and Embroidery
  • Computer literacy Program


These are 1-9 months courses meant to equip the youth with skills that can make them self reliant. The courses are offered at a subsidized fee for affordability and sustainability of the programs. Free things breed dependency syndrome and lack of confidence on the side of the beneficiary and therefore we encourage some kind of cost sharing to ensure sustainability of the projects we run. Through our subsidiary private social enterprise Hub called Uwezo Accelerated and Tech Hub we have managed to accelerate inner talents and nurture future entrepreneurs to help us achieve this objective with a clear focus on rural and the poor urban population. This hub is based in Kakamega county at Mumias town. You can have a review of what this hub does by accessing and appreciate our great work.


Drama and theatrics shall not only be used as entertainment tools but also as channels for preaching peace, speaking against negative ethnicity and teaching our society on many virtues of constructive living. Peace cannot be forced but can only be voluntarily cultivated in society. It must come from inner self and that is why an armed policeman cannot bring peace, it is not cosmetic. Armories can only assure us of calm which does not mean absence of war.