We are a Bridge Towards Peace and Education.

Support Innovations For Peace & Education (si.p.e)


Support Innovations for Peace and Education (SIPE) is a Non Governmental Organization founded and registered in the year 2012 in the Republic of Kenya under the NGO Coordination Board. SIPE was founded after the experience of the post election violence experienced in the year 2007 that nearly brought our country Kenya to the hell of destruction. Every moment serves as a lesson in our lives. It was evident that most of the chaos were orchestrated by young Kenyans who were catalyzed by our politicians in the name of our tribes. However, the big lesson derived from this mess was that we have only two tribes in Kenya, the rich who are the minority and the Poor, who are the majority. The majority are supposed to win but unfortunately they lost in the year 2007.It is against this backdrop that SIPE was found. SIPE has two arms. The arm of Peace and the other one is Education. These two are intrinsically interwoven and they can’t be divorced. Through our arm of peace, we train, create awareness and preach peaceful coexistence, teach and nurture peace at tender age, we admonish tribalism because like a rain bow, no one can exist without the other. Let’s pose for some time and ask ourselves, If this world was left to me alone? We all live under the same sky remember. Through this arm, we train and nurture transformative leadership which teaches us to be leaders rather than followers. We should all lead from the front. All these we achieve through CIPEs model; Community Based Institutes for Peace Education. The other arm is Education. This is character based Education. We do resource mobilisation and fundraising for the education of the most vulnerable and orphans in society while recognising that these children have the most outstanding gift of education than those from rich background. We also embrace education for human values and we carry out educational programmes that are character and value based. Our core values are Trust, non violence, right action, peace and Love and these are what we teach and ascribe to.

Our target groups are the orphans, neglected and the vulnerable bright children who cannot have their right to education just because they cannot meet the educational related obligations and the youths who are mostly incited by politicians to cause chaos during the electioneering period just because they are idle. We have our programmes in Kakamega, Busia, Siaya and Nairobi counties.

Welcome aboard this great journey. We welcome all on this courageous path.

Andrew Habel Odongo

Founder/Executive Director

Support Innovations for Peace and Education-NGO

CEO SIPE with Beneficiaries pose for a group Photo


We light a lamp of hope in society as opposed to cursing darkness


To inspire a great future in the upcoming generation through value based and sustainable educational, leadership, entrepreneurial and peace programs.

Our Directors  

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Andrew Habel Odongo


George Manyasa


Sarah Sakwa


  • Education  sponsorships.
  • Talent Nurturing.
  • Entrepreneurship & Leadership Mentoring and Incubation.
  • Education Accleration.
  • Community Institute for Peace and Education (CIPEs).
  • Capacity Building Workshop.
  • Community development projects.
  • Consultancy on Entrepreneurship and Community development.


We are a bridge towards Peace and Education


Main Objective:

To light a lamp of hope in society as opposed to cursing darkness. Our programs are inspired by human values which stretch beyond the traditional classroom education.

Our Specific Objectives:

  • Quality Education for all and to ensure that education is not a denied right
  • Education for human values as opposed to education for mere knowledge
  • Nurturing young entrepreneurs and leaders in communities
  • To inspire hope and smile in the less advantaged in society
  • To inspire the human value in every move we make in society
  • A sustainable, friendly and peaceful environment