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Our Empowernment Programmes

1. Project and Fundraising
S.I.P.E has been and will continue fundraising towards community projects that are transformative and innovative. In addition these micro-projects must be:
• Live changing
• Community empowering
• Scaled up further
• Sustainable and
• Objective
Due to limited funds only few projects have been funded but as lobbying, networking and fundraising gains momentum, the projects funded are expected to grow significantly. Individuals and groups that have innovative micro-projects with the ability of scaling up feel free to discuss them. You can also contact us for partnerships at
2. Education and scholarships
S.I.P.E believes that present and future leaders are products of sound Education.The avenue towards empowerment cannot be complete if our young men and women are not well educated. The society needs professionals and think tanks to hasten the process of transforming the society. It is only through Education.
We have made significant strides in realization of this goal.Atleast 50 students have been sponsored to date.Due to the huge volumes of applications we receive everyday,we have have been offering assistance based on case to case assessment.We have been trying based on the limited resources that we have.We thank our partners and donors who have denied themselves a lot to be part of this noble call. We therefore appeal to well wishers who are more than willing to join us in putting a smile on the faces of these young men and women .The little you channel towards our scholarship program will be appreciated greatly.

3. Training 

The journey towards Empowerment begins with provision of skills and knowledge. We are striving to ensure that the society at large is well equipped with the necessary tools in terms of information and technology. To realize this goal, we are partnering at different levels with various organizations, companies and the corporate sector in entirety to provide capacity building training workshops for communities in which we operate in the following:
• Fundraising techniques
• Group dynamics and interpersonal skills
• Community development
• Poverty alleviation models.
• Participatory rural appraisal
• Management of NGOs
• Entrepreneurship
• Lobbying and advocacy at group and individual level.
• Proposal/Business plan writing.
• Simple and complex project establishment techniques.
• Project Management.
• Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation of projects
• Transformative leadership.
• Poverty eradication and community development.
• Finance and Business matters
• Disaster preparedness and management.
• Conflict Management and Resolution
• Environment conservation.
• Training of Trainers (TOT).
• Adult Education.
• General computer literacy for all.
We believe that if such tools are made available to people, then they will get a springboard for them to launch their journey towards self and community empowerment .

2.Talent Spot

S.I.P.E appreciates the central role the youth play in our society. Talent spot is a platform that has been designed towards offering these youth with an opportunity to tap their talents into empowerment. This ensures that the youth engage in meaningful activities rather than engaging in peace threatening activities and criminal ventures. Most a time, youths are used to cause chaos and as voting machines just to be disposed off after elections. Instead of being used constructively, they are used destructively and thus they have been portrayed as guns for hire. Unemployment leading to frustration and idleness contributes to this. As an NGO, we can authoritatively say that this is an intentional mechanism by the political class, make them poor and rule over them. This forms the basis of our efforts. Youths must shun this misuse rule at all costs regardless of their employment and social status. The informal poor urban and rural settings have remained vulnerable because majority do not have constructive employment.

These programs include:

  1. Special arts/Talents Incubation

These encompasses short skills/talent and Entrepreneurship incubation and apprenticeship programs

  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Fashion, Hairdressing and beauty
  • Cottage industry manufacturing skill
  • Entrepreneurship Incubation
  • Drama and art for peaceful coexistence
  • Tailoring and Embroidery
  • Computer literacy Program

These are 1-9 months courses meant to equip the youth with skills that can make them self reliant. The courses are offered at a subsidized fee for affordability and sustainability of the programs. Free things breed dependency syndrome and lack of confidence on the side of the beneficiary and therefore we encourage some kind of cost sharing to ensure sustainability of the projects we run. Through our subsidiary private social enterprise Hub called Uwezo Accelerated and Tech Hub we have managed to accelerate inner talents and nurture future entrepreneurs to help us achieve this objective with a clear focus on rural and the poor urban population. This hub is based in Kakamega county at Mumias town. You can have a review of what this hub does by accessing and appreciate our great work.

 Drama and theatrics shall not only be used as entertainment tools but also as channels for preaching peace, speaking against negative ethnicity and teaching our society on many virtues of constructive living. Peace cannot be forced but can only be voluntarily cultivated in society. It must come from inner self and that is why an armed policeman cannot bring peace, it is not cosmetic. Armories can only assure us of calm which does not mean absence of war.

  1. Sports and Special arts

We are lobbying for partnerships to put up a Sports and Talent academy that will help nurture many sports and other special talents that lie untapped among our youth. This will not only engage them but can spur them to long term careers. Beside, occupying them and thus eliminating idleness that is always tapped by politicians to cause war and tribalism in the society. This forms the basis of our origin. Recall, our history as an organization emanates from the war and political violence Kenya experienced in the year 2007 and 1300 of our brothers and sisters lost their life and scores of Kenyans displaced. It was such a pity. SIPE was formed on this basis.

  1. Community Institutes-                  Through this initiative we train volunteers in all areas of peace and dispatch them as ambassadors of peace in society. This is coined as AMBASSADORS OF PEACE PROGRAM. We achieve this through community organized institutes dubbed Community Institutes for Peace Education (CIPEs), they are formed and managed by and for the community. We also organize clean up and environmental conservation exercises that are also geared towards bringing members of the community together to fight a common course. Without a safe environment, there is no peace. Exhibitions and provision of platforms to show case innovative ideas. Sensitization on HIV/AIDS ,Drug abuse, domestic violence, child formation, civic education, early pregnancies, teenage marriages, Economic growth and self empowerment free workshops. Free Mobile peace library services. Free guiding and counseling for the Youths.We also provide attachment and internship opportunities for college trainees in the area of peace,conflict management, disaster preparedness, social work, community development, Ngo management and other related areas.Under this initiative we also coach, mentor and nurture TRANSFORMATIVE AND SERVANTLEADERSHIP.  The world is crying for great leaders, where are the leaders? How many youths have buried their dream of being great leaders in the name of followers? How many inborn CEOs have we seen being buried without being realizing their dream? Leadership is a skill that can be provoked in a person then be nurtured to a great servant leader. SIPE has realized that many youths have the inner leadership qualities that are never given the opportunity to sprout out and therefore our main focus is to ensure that the untapped leadership acumen in youths is realized, nurtured and accelerated. We therefore nurture the great leaders.


The journey of bringing light to the people and delivering them from the bondage of poverty cannot succeed single handedly. We therefore appreciate the contribution of all groups, organizations and individuals who have partnered with us in a way or another in this course. Your contributions have transformed a society. Our partnerships cut across big hearted well wishers, community Based Organizations (CBOs), SACCOs, NGOs, religious organizations, financial institutions, international organizations, county governments and the national government. We welcome any interested parties and individuals who are willing to partner with us. We have a code of conduct that governs such engagements that are prescribed by our highest decision making organs. We are Non partisan and with no political nor religious affiliation. For further queries reach us at

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