COVID-19 Socio-Economic Stimulus Program

For the past five months, schools worldwide have been closed with no hope of reopening in the near future. It is a pity that children have been left helpless and hence resorted to the unavoidable behaviors. The situation is becoming more volatile and unforgiving to them.  This is an uncertain time for all of our children, especially when it comes to their education and what school will look like in the months ahead. Sadly, for many girls around the world, the question isn’t when they will return to school—it’s if they will return at all. Even before COVID-19 struck, more than 98 million adolescent girls worldwide were not in school. Now, due to ripple effects from the pandemic, millions of more girls of secondary school age could remain out of school—not just this year, but possibly forever. We can’t let that happen—and why, as the world determines how to continue educating students in the months ahead, we must ensure that adolescent girls have a chance to learn, to stay healthy, and to stay safe. NGO leaders in the Support Innovations for Peace and Education-NGO are working tirelessly to continue to support girls during this challenging time through the COVID-19 Socio-Economic Stimulus Program in the county of Kakamega—Just like professor Fabrizio Fantera, Fausta Cotone, students of Liceo Morgagni University, parents, relatives, Renato and many more Italian friends and wellwishers we have decided to stand up and be counted. We have managed to deliver foods and basic foodstuffs to the widows, orphans and neglected family, we are delivering learning materials and free internet data for girls and boys to access education while at education when the hopes of schools reopening are running dry and we have also organized on social empowerment program that equips our girls and boys with mentorship, guiding and counseling services, hygienic materials like sanitary pads, talent incubation through leg ball and soccer, life skills incubation and many more life changing initiatives. We must say NO to early pregnancies, teenage girl prostitution, drug abuse, joining of outlawed groups, and many more social ills as a resuot of COVID-19 pandemic. We do not know when this hyena will disappear. I hope you’ll learn more about this remarkable work and join me in this caravan to support these leaders through the Support Innovations for Peace and Education Fund.  I paraphrase Michelle Obama strong touching statement to the world that What we choose to do now will echo throughout the lives of these girls, their communities, their countries, and our entire world. We owe it to them—to all of us—to support them in this critical moment.  Kudos to Prof Fabrizio, Fausta Cotone , Renato, students of Liceo Morgagni school and the entire caravan. You started the journey without fear but full of bravery and resilience. I stand to be counted as the founder of the support Innovations for Peace and Education.

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