Liceo Morgagni takes the lead in changing the African narrative- The birth of SIPE Project

To signify the great work done by the great university coordinated by the professor of English; Fabrizio Fantera and the wife- Fausta; great history is being put on paper. Marco Cinque captures in his great article below;

In Rome there is a school with a capital S

An initiative of cooperation with Kenya, conceived and supported by students and professor of the Roman scientific Morgagni, is an example of a constructive and constructive contrast to the degradation to which the Italian school system seems condemned

written by MARCO CINQUE  2 November 2018


According to the latest data from Ipsos Mori , Italy would prove to  the most ignorant country including those in Europe, sadly fallen to twelfth place in the world rankings. To make matters worse, according to Miur, we are also on the last steps, in the Old Continent, for school leavers, as well as penultimate for the number of graduates.


Disappointing data, which give the real sense of the degradation that is engulfing the Belpaese, whose last governments seem rather focused on non-existent emergencies, such as those of immigration or security invasions, more induced problems than comforted by real numbers. Thus the resources are regularly allocated to the stereotypical defense of a homeland that instead of seeking imaginary enemies should defend itself from its own ignorance, since it was condemned to the last bank of European donkeys, also in virtue of the ever decreasing investments in school and culture.

But the social fabric itself does not fare better than its own governments: in fact, there is a growing disinterest in the problems of school and students, as if the future of the country were no longer present, or worse, as if it did not even exist. their present, on which a gloomy curtain seems to fall. This clearly emerges from how much average and university students' demands can be imported into middle-class students on 12 October, practically ignored by everyone or considered mostly a marginal or even annoying question with respect to the priorities. Italy.

During the protests, Giammarco Manfreda, coordinator of the network of average students , warned:

It took soldiers and passive, they found us in the streets. We can no longer accept that this government will fill the mouth with words like "change", only to offer regression. Cameras in schools and military leverage are harmful and unnecessary measures, especially if you do not question how to raise a school system that has suffered cuts for more than eight billion in the last ten years and that can no longer be a tool for training and growth of new generations. We can not stop at the barbarism of this government, which neglects education but never forgets to demonize the last and to trample on rights acquired in years of struggle.

And, in this desolate desert, there are still those who are able to exist and resist, giving proof of how much the school is at the base of any idea you want to combine with the word "civilization". This is the case of the State Scientific High School Giovan Battista Morgagni of Rome, which for almost twenty years has been a leading player on the territory with inclusive initiatives and proposals of outstanding artistic, social, scientific and cultural quality.

Among the latest student initiatives, coordinated historically by the English professor Fabrizio Fantera, emerges the SIPE Project , Support Innovation for Peace and Education , which the high school is carrying out to allow the right to study in Kenya of fifteen high school students, deserving but destitute.

In the flyer that illustrates the initiative, the students write:

In Italy, as in Kenya and around the world, school is a right. However, secondary schools in Kenya are difficult to access for young people in slums and rural areas, despite good results in primary schools. To be admitted it takes more than three hundred points for the Primary exam and there are the enrollments, the exam fees every year  and the teaching materials to be paid. The fifteen students can therefore attend secondary school only if supported economically. The community of Morgagni does it. It is not charity. It is their right.

To gather the necessary resources, given the total and chronic absence of institutional funds, events such as the recent evening concert "Morgagni for Africa" ​​are organized, which inaugurates the Morgagni Cult 2018-19 season, also open to the public, with Badarà Seck and his band of African musicians.

The artists on stage have involved the large audience present in a triumph of sounds, rhythms and humanity. Badarà talked about his story as an immigrant musician, bringing the evening back to the stereotyped and populist themes ridden by the current government, giving away other truths, other perspectives on reality, other possible alternatives that see diversity as an opportunity to meet , inclusion and enrichment rather than as a reason for exclusion, discrimination and conflict. 

The history of this high school, which has been able to offer events at the height of a school with a capital "S", is truly special and noteworthy. This path was also reported in a book edited by Fabrizio Fantera, published in 2015 by the XII Municipality of Rome. The volume is titled "Morgagniore21, the book - Collective history of a fifteen-year cultural enterprise of a Roman public high school"  and tells of artists and personalities who have trod the scenes of the beautiful and ample theater supplied to the institute.

From the international poets Jack Hirschman, James Koller and Luke Warm Water to musicians such as Dick Halligan (Blood Sweat and Tears), Marcos Vinicius, Ambrogio Sparagna, Kay McCarthy, Giovanna Marini, Lucilla Galeazzi, Acustimantico, Javier Girotto, Paolo Pietrangeli, passing to film authors such as Giuliano Montaldo, up to personalities of culture and politics such as Pietro Ingrao, Alex Zanotelli, Serge Latouche, Alberto Granado, Stefano Rodotà, Sabina Guzzanti and many, many others.

There were no initiatives where the students themselves were absolute protagonists, with their bands or dance and theater groups. "Another world is impossible if you do not start from yours" seems to be the imperative that has always been inspired and continues to inspire the community of Liceo Morgagni, a school of values ​​and life that still stubbornly launches its stone unheard in tin of an increasingly dull and blind country.

Liceo Morgagni 
City of Rome Pipe Band in concert 
Giuliano Montaldo 
Marcos Vinicius , one of the greatest classical guitarists on the world scene
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